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Versuri Leave me alone

You never let me try To tell you how I feel My heart is broken down And crying... You are coming in my dreams I feel that you are here I need your touch so much Im dying... Refren(x2): Leave me alone Come tomorrow Leave me alone In my dreams Leave me alone Come tomorrow Leave me alone... II: Why dont you understand How much you mean to me I gave my soul to you Forever... Im looking for a world A world for you and me The only way to be Together... Refren(x2):... III: Baby, baby Come back to me I dont wanna be lonely tonight... Baby, baby Come back to me For a single night Ill give you my life... Refren(x3):.. descarca muzica romaneasca melodia versurile melodia. Dance album versuri cantece mp3 melodiei melodiei versuri RadU Leave me alone.

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