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Versuri Lady in black

This other place and so far from home. I was alone. I was all on my own. The moon was shining. I saw her face. The magic woman all dressed in lace. She gave me a sigh. And I followed her to a house of light. Somewhere in the night. Behind the window. Symbols of red. Painting the face of the lady in black. Behind the window. I'll never forget. The magic lady. The lady in black She'll never come back The lady's beauty was so divine. She took my heart with her heavenly smile. When I reached down just to kiss her hand. I suddenly tumbled down in the sand. There was broken lace lying on the ground. And the house of light was fading in the night.

Lady in black cantece versuri. Ultima melodie cantece melodia descarca Bad Boys Blue cuvintele melodiei muzica straina versuri album.

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