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Now Peter sat on the mountaintop Northern wind blowin through his hair Now Peter never took the time to stop He just stood out there and stared I said but Peter didn't care bout the air down there He was lookin right at the sun The sun said son don't ya come around here And Peter then began to run Hey Now Peter he never cried too much He just looked out toward the west He was dreamin of a land that was way over there And dreamin of what comes next But Peter didn't care bout the air down there He was lookin right out at the sun And the sun said son come around here So Peter started to run He said ladandandandandandandanday (2x) Now Peter started walkin down the mountain Just runnin out toward the West It was slippery like the water from a fountain And Peter though that was best Cause he slid down there to the town over there And people just started to cry But Peter didn't care about the air And Peter was never shy Ladanday (4x) BRIDGE Now he sang out loud to a unified crowd Singing something bout he thought he was But the crowd didn't care bout the air up there And Peter wasn't nothin but nothin But Peter didn't care he just looked over there And the crowd was smilin back He was singin to his heart and praying to his soul That they would ask hime back Ladandandandandandandanday (2x) Now Peter Was lookin round to the back mountainside slipped from under his feet He didn't really care bout the air down there He just looked out at the sun The sun said son don't ya come around here So Peter then began to run He said ladandandandandanday (4x)

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