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[Lines by Pedro Calderテャテつウn de la Barca 1600-1681] Quテャテつゥ es la vida? Una ilusiテャテつウn, una sombra, una ficciテャテつウn, y el mayor bien es pequeテャテつアo que toda la vida es sueテャテつアo y los sueテャテつアos sueテャテつアos son. No temテャテつ。is, no, de que os falte compaテャテつアテャテつュa en las desdichas, pues en duda semejante de vivir o de morir, no sテャテつゥ cuテャテつ。les son mテャテつ。s grandes. What is life? An illusion, a shadow, a fiction, and the greatest good is worth nothing at all, for the whole of life is just a dream and dreams are only dreams. Don't fear to be alone in your misfortune, because I don't know if there can be greater worries than that of hovering between life and death.

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