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I: I fell in love, I said I do I'm setting all my love for you Now all I have is memory It's the ?? she gave to me. Refren: Tu es toujours comme une ange de l'amour Tu est la passion de ma vie. II: 'Cause when the darkness dims the light Uh, baby it's hard... Going lonely through the night.. Refren(x2):.. III: To turn back time, I'll give my world Once again her hand to hold It makes no sense if she's gone And I have to walk alone.. II:.. Refren:.. IV(x2): Why did you leave me all alone ? Oh baby, tell me where'd you go...

Versurile piesa versuri cuvinte cantece cantece La Passion cantece descarca. Muzica romaneasca ultima melodie descarca Dance Akcent versuri asculta muzica.

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