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Always looking for attention Always needs to be mentioned Who does she Think she should be ? The shrill cry through darkening air Doesn't she know he's Had such a busy day ? Tell her ... sshhh Somebody tell her ... sshhh Oh, no way, no way, there's no movement Oh, oh, hooray Slowest ... It was only a test But she swam too far Against the tide She deserves all she gets The sky became marked with stars As an out-stretched arm slowly Disappears Hooray Oh hooray No, oh, oh, woh, there's no movement No, oh, hooray Oh, hooray Please don't worry There'll be no fuss She was ... nobody's nothing (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) When he awoke The sea was calm And another day passes like a dream There's no ... no way (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?) (What's your name ?)

Morrissey mp3 versuri muzica straina melodia. LIFEGUARD SLEEPING, GIRL DROWNING cuvintele muzica ultima melodie muzica mp3 versurile versuri album cuvintele.

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