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Versuri Kissing Willie

Breaking hearts in a market town. She eats filet of sole and washes it down with sparkling wine. Nice girl, but a bad girl's better. Qualifies in both ways to my mind. But now she's kissing Willie. She shows a leg --- shows it damn well. Knows how to drive a man right back to being a child. Well, she's a --- nice girl, but her bad girl's better. I can read it in her cheating eyes and know that in a while --- Well, she'll be kissing Willie. (My best friend, Willie.) Willie stands and Willie falls. Willie bangs his head behind grey factory walls. She's a --- nice girl, but her bad girl's better. Me and Willie just can't help come, when she calls. Now she's kissing Willie. (My best friend, Willie.)

Mp3 Rock versurile versuri Jethro Tull muzica. Versuri muzica muzica straina mp3 Kissing Willie album descarca melodia mp3.

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