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You'll never understand, the meaning in the end, we're standing at the gate, you'll meet the darker fate, your purity and rage, your passion and your hate, you promised more than bliss, with your God and with your kiss, I'm on my knees, I beg your mercy, my soul is my loss, I'm well hung from your cross. Take me, take me in your arms my love and rape me, don't hide behind your rage I know you love me, and always will, you're my possession, of that my love there really is no question, don't hide behind your rage I know you love me and always will, my better half it's true has seen the darker side of you, innocence stripped away, at least I've the brighter fate... mp3 melodia muzica Kiss. Album mp3 cuvintele versuri muzica straina London After Midnight versuri descarca.

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