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Excuse me for staring Your looks have me blinded You want to touch me So don't try to fight it Kiss me I'd walk your sweet curves For days without water My drink is your lips Don't you think you oughtta Just kiss me Blond and ambitious You're dancing with wild boys Melting the ice 'round my heart Girl with your voice CHORUS 1 Strawberry lips saying Baby I want you Raising my fever tonight So why don't you Just kiss me Oo woo oh kiss me This conversation is making me nervous Please pay attention Imagine we're lovers And kiss me You turn me on Turn me off like a flashlight Feel like a blindman Who's taken the night flight So kiss me I am the mirror Who holds your reflexion You can't resist me I am your infection REPEAT CHORUS 1 Strawberry lips call my name So inviting Can't think of anything else More exciting So kiss me Oo woo oh kiss (strawberry lips) Dressed to the teeth In your soft skin and perfume Only my heart cuts the silence In your room REPEAT CHORUS 1 Strawberry lips are my favourite flavor Drinking their color Is all that I'm made for So kiss me Oo woo oh kiss me

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