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Versuri Justified man

Down by the beggar's wall There is another land This is the place. I come to set me free Just like a fighting man lost in a river I didn't notice I was blind but now I see They took a photograph They heard my story And then the jury tried and sentenced me And now I'm sanctified, without resistance I left my body. And I'm gonna let it be Now I'm standin' on the platform At the station I hear the engine of the train That takes me there I ain't lookin' back, Until I reach my destination Nobody gonna bring me down I'm a justified man Inside the hour glass, The sand keeps turnin' Outside my window, falls the rain That washes me Gone is my fear, need no assistance And now I'm justified, Those days are gone you see I've been livin' in war of speculation I stand accused but I ain't goin' anywhere I ain't lookin' back Until I reach my destination

Melodia mp3 muzica straina cantece. Versurile versuri cantece Justified man cantece cuvinte versuri Glenn Hughes mp3.

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