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Versuri Just Soldiers (Stay Down)

Sound of pipes war's all around I'm creepin' on the ground I wonder why I do this Stay down and load your gun I don't know if it's worth while I'm near the fighting line The breath of death is close to me No way to avoid all this madness around here Oh my god please tell me what is right What is the price? Glory fame and pride No! I won't obey Then you'll have to die The soil is red of our blood I'm sinkin' in the mud A sinner voice is saying: Stay down and play your game Now I'm facing the enemy But hey, he's the same as me A man who fights for someone's fault descarca piesa piesa mp3 Just Soldiers (Stay Down). Cuvintele muzica straina versuri melodia versuri melodia descarca ultima melodie cuvinte versurile Labyrinth.

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