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Versuri Jonathan

This little trunk holds Jonathan's love letters Bound so neatly in ribbons of silk Jonathan had such beautiful penmanship Written on parchment as white as milk Jonathan's words arranged chronologically Month by month and then day by day Jonathan surely wrote me quite frequently Jonathan had such a lot to say Chorus: My sweet Jonathan wrote me constantly All he hoped to be, all he dreamed How the world was too bright and beautiful How the people weren't all they seemed Jonathan wrote when he was out traveling How he hated each social affair Jonathan swore he soon would come back to me We'd get married and settle somewhere Jonathan wrote with caring and tenderness How he loved me so simple and pure Jonathan said those colorful party girls All were too forward to be endured Chorus Jonathan wrote me on a clear summer's day Told me with sorrow we'd never wed Some little tramp accused him of raping her Jonathan never was in her bed She was expecting one or two little ones Honor would force him to make her wife Jonathan swore he'd always remember me All through his terrible married life Chorus Jonathan wrote once more in his perfect hand Told me that when all the fuss should die And his rich bride went off for the holidays He would come just for one last goodbye Jonathan came at midnight on Christmas eve One more sweet letter was in his hand Saying that all his wealth was such misery Swearing his life was at my command Chorus This little trunk holds Jonathan's love letters Reading them still can be lots of fun This little trunk holds Jonathan's every word This bigger trunk holds Jonathan Words and music: Kathy Mar Copyright 1985 Kathy Mar

Album versurile muzica melodiei. Piesa Jonathan muzica straina ultima melodie cuvintele versuri cuvinte muzica piesa versuri versurile Kathy Mar.

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