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Versuri Jingle Bell Rock

Jingle bell, jingle bell Jingle bell rock Jingle bell swing And jingle bells ring Snowin' and blowin' Up bushels of fun Now the jingle hop has begun Jingle bell, jingle bell Jingle bell rock Jingle bells chime in Jingle bell time Dancin' and prancin' In jingle bell square In the frosty air What a bright time It's the right time To rock the night away Jingle bell, time Is a swell time To go glidin' in a one horse sleigh Giddy-up, jingle horse Pick up your feet Jingle around the clock Mix and mingle In a jinglin' beat That's the jingle bell rock

Muzica straina piesa cuvinte versuri melodiei album descarca Pop. Cuvinte Jingle Bell Rock descarca ultima melodie Hilary Duff melodia album versuri cuvintele.

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