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Jesse James is running and he'll never be at rest 'Til the day they fold his arms across his chest He's a long way from the cradle And his Ma's authority But it only seems a minute Since he stood over his bed And she tried to tell him something Now what the hell was it she said ??? Jesse James is thinking of the breaks he never had And the gene that cursed his blood group rhesus-bad Jesse James lived money His account was in the black 'Til the day he stopped a bullet with his back Well the zip cose may read Vegas But the heart beats Tupelo And a footstep is such a small thing That it's neither here nor there 'Til you string those steps together And find home is way back, way back where ? Jesse James was never Part of lifes great symphony All he heard were penny whistles out of key Jesse James he promised : I will never die afraid That boy perjured every vow he ever made

Asculta muzica piesa cantece versurile muzica versurile versuri muzica ultima melodie. Muzica straina cuvinte Prefab Sprout mp3 Jesse James Symphony versurile asculta versuri.

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