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Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue Lives a life from inside of her room Hides a smile when she's wearing a frown Ooh, Jackie, your not so down You like your life in a free form style You'll take an inch but you'd love a mile There never seems to be quite enough Loving around us when your loving comes Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue What's a game, ooh, that you never lose Ask a winner and you'll probably find Ooh, Jackie they lost you some time Don't try tell me that you're not aware Of what you're doing and that you don't care You say that it's easy, just a natural thing Like playing music that you've never seen Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue Making wishes that never come true Going places where you've never been Ooh, Jackie, you've blown it again Ooh-hoo, Jackie Blue Lives a life from inside her room Makes you think that life is a drag Ooh, Jackie, what fun you have had

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