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Ivy you're a girl that I can never taste I get violent feelings when I see your face You're so warm and beautiful and soft and kind I close my eyes but you're still shining in my head Oh Ivy, Ivy You eat me away every night everyday My dreams are nightmares like heads are tails I can see and hear you I just can't get near you Ivy Ivy, oh you destroy me yes you do Ivy Ivy, oh you destroy me yes you do Ivy you're a thousand girls tormenting me My minds a hall of mirrors where you're all I see I get sicker by the second you're my lifelong curse My egg shell head is your to break I feel like dirt Oh Ivy, Ivy You mainline me stars and you scratch and you scar I'm a fool for your jewels it's true I'm burned out i'm damged You're so sweet and savage Ivy Ivy you destroy me (x8) You do You touch me you chill me You smile and you kill me You kiss me you crown me You twist me you drown me muzica descarca Primal Scream descarca ultima melodie melodia muzica straina. Versurile melodiei muzica versuri muzica versuri Ivy Ivy Ivy.

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