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Versuri It Blows My Mind (Snoop Dogg)

[Intro] You should smokes with me [Chorus] The chronic's blowing The chronic's blowing The chronic's blowing The chronic's blowing (It blows my mind) [Verse 1 - Snoop Dogg] Blowing chronic to me, it's like a tradition to me I got the pi-doun, so sit down and listen to me Don't go against me fool, go wit me We could blow it all together like Bobby Brown and Whitney Yeah, we got something in common They could search a nigga, but they never finding my bomb and I got the stash, spot, my cash got Lot of motherfuckas pulling, police shots I'm not The One nigga you could call me The Two Bob Marley reincarnated, pupils dialated Emancipated, concentrated, debated, rated many times You suprised how I made it, huh? You hate it, huh, but you know, I ain't even trippin I'm spliting that Swisha up, plotting on the come up I'm living my life, and never putting my gun up Dranking my drink, and I'ma smoke that blunt [Chorus] [Verse 2 - Snoop Dogg] The greener the tree, the better the bud The strength of the branch, will tell you how chronic it was I'm - buzzing high, sliding, slippin Gotcha listening to Snoop and now you feel like you crippin It's all to the good, the dash is wood You got some hoes in ya truck and now ya ready to fuck But, they frontin and fakin, and time is waistin She don't wanna give ya number now she hollin at Jason Now don't get mad, just roll to the pad And keep a G on the bitch and roll another dub bag (My nigga) light that shit, hit that bitch Then past it to ya homie like playa, pimp (blaze that bitch) And when you get dizzone, crack the do' And let me get a little snizzle 'Cause ain't no fun, if the homies can't get none Puff, puff, pass my nigga, one lizza [Chorus] [Bridge x2] Do you wanna smoke wit me (Do you wanna?) Come and keep me company Baby come and fuck with me You should smokes with me [Verse 3 - Snoop Dogg] It's the diabolical, chronical, mythological Psychological, make a model hoe, fuck a G Pre-medical, steady slow those, ready can get it Teacher taught it to those inside with mind apparatus My status has been the baddest ever since I intro'd I'm that nigga that brought y'all the info On the Chucks, French braids, and endo Big Snoop Dogg with the fog on the window Spell ya name in it, put ya face in it And hang with the nigga with the gang bang spinach Drag it, blunt wrap it, or zig-zag it Don't really matter even if it's in the package Put it to the side, so when ya boy hit the Eastside I'm look for the firefied G-5 Aiyyo Pharrell, gimme that VA discount I'm tryna bounce wit the whole ounce (smoke me out) [Chorus] [Bridge x2] [Hook] Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya Do you think that you could fuck with we (Star Trak) (Yeah Pharrell this that shit right here) And BBC - nigga [Chorus x2] + {*Snoop ad-libs*} [Outro - Snoop Dogg] Dranking our drank Ya dig what I'm sayin? We ain't gon' never sing We gon' still flow Cause we always hit the right note (It blows my mind) That's real shit, Pharrell you my loc' And that's for life my nigga Haha, Gangsta Gumpo Neptunes, Star Trak (It blows my mind) Billionaire Boys Club, DPG Doggy Style Records, ooh wee (It blows my mind).. [laughs]

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