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Versuri Isle Thing

Met this fine young thing At the local Circle K We made a date for a half past eight And I said, What the hey? So I journeyed to her crib And I let myself inside That chick was slouched down on the couch I think her brain was fried Couldn't figure it out She wouldn't even look at me Then I saw her eyes, she was hypnotised Cold glued to her TV Hey, what's your problem baby doll Let's have a little fling She said, Hey you fool, now just be cool I'm watchin' that Gilligan's Isle thing Isle thing Isle thing, isle thing, isle thing Watchin' all night Musta, been a marathon I was bummin', those shows kept comin' Here's what was goin' on These Castaways were stranded On this island out at sea One of them called Gilligan So let's name him after m He'd mess up every rescue Man, that first mate was illin' If I was one of those Castaways I think I'd probably kill 'im Just about that time Telephone began to ring She said, Just let it, my machine'll get We're watchin' the Gilligan's Isle thing Isle thing She loves that Gilligan's Isle thing Isle thing, isle thing, isle thing Please, baby, baby, please I like the professor He always saves their butts He could build a nuclear reactor From a clouple' of coconuts She said, That guy's a genius I shook my head and laughed I said, If he's so fly, they tell me why He couldn't build a lousy raft And while we're on the subject I'll tell you one thing for sure Those homeboys brought an awful lot For just a three hour tour Then her mom came in the room It was kind of embarrasing She said, Hey you two, I was once like you And I loved that Gilligan's Isle thing Isle thing She'd watch that Gilligan's Isle thing Please, baby, baby, please Skipper's in a hammock He's looking kinda fat He'd throw a fit and then he'd hit Old Gilligan with his hat Mrs. Hal had it goin' on But Mr. Hal was meaner Ginger and Mary Anne could've used Some funky cold medina (?) I was really diggin' this show I didn't know what to do It kinda looked like I was hooked Now I'm an addict too I know each episode by heart Now I'm the rerun king And on every date we both stay up late And we watch the Gilligan's Isle thing Isle thing Hasta la vista, little buddy Gilligan's Isle thing, isle thing, isle thing

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