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you're killin'me, your mouth is movin' but I cannot hear you speak life's a tragedy. go on livin' in a world not for the weak keep your dreams inside your heart never let the pressure tear you apart truth is whispered on a breath loud enough to cover the smell of death never thought too important to mention livin' through the birth, the birth of tension never thought too important to mention livin' with the tension, tension, tension. don't you understand too much tension, snap where you lose your grip too many demands start at birth, snap from the bomb you're ripped leave your dreams inside, behind never had a reason that you'll never find tension builds another way gonna make you all go away too much tension, all around too much tension, bring you down all the pressures in the narrow mind all the reasons you'll never find did you kill your father, sleep with your mother idolize your sister, jealous your brother did ya kick the dog, were you beat a strap were you really be abused, were you fakin' all that too tense you're killin' me so many ways so little time to think life's catastrophe, my glass empty and I really need a drink movin' all so very quick movin' so fast that it makes me sick let me outta here livin' ain't livin' with the tension and the fear

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