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Its of an Irishman I'm going to tell you Free from Ireland sailed away Where he was to he was not contended Made up his mind for to go away Early next morning the ship was sailing Queenstown harbour, golden core Eight long days he was sailing over Till he landed in New York Up the street young Paddy wandered Each big building caught his eye Looking up at a big shop window, A bottle of whisky he did spy Into the bar young Paddy entered Called for a drink, without delay Give me a drop of that Irish Whisky, Four big coppers I will pay The landlord he jumped over the counter "Pay me down that bill", he said Paddy up with a big shillelagh Laid him on the floor right dead So the Yankees they came running When they heard about the row Trying to kill poor Irish Paddy, Shouting out, "Where is he now?!" Irishmen they followed after Following without delay Each of them with a big shillelagh, Made the Yankees run away May God's success to his Irish people Many's the country they have roamed But their courage is far bolder When they're far away from home

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