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Old world underground where are you now? Subtract my age from the mileage On my speeding heart, credit cards Accelerate, accumulate Looked for you downtown Wound up in a movie with no story Now it's late and you are nowhere to be found Hesitation's always mine Hesitate outside the times With all I don't say With all I don't do I'm sending you Invitations to hesitate too Every ten year-old enemy soldier Thinks falling bombs are shooting stars sometimes But she doesn't make wishes on them When she wishes, she wishes for less ways to wish for More ways to work toward it Ten year-old enemy soldier Our falling bombs are her shooting stars Hesitation's always mine Hesitate outside the times Oh call me or drop me a line Say you've been with me Say you've been with me Say you've been with me This whole time Old world underground I never knew you But I've seen your face everywhere There was a farm before we tore The small town down Multiply divide

Versurile album cuvinte versuri versuri. Cantece Iou muzica straina melodiei versurile cuvintele album cuvintele Metric

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