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I, I'm invincible I'm indestructible It's my destiny I, I'm invincible I'm unshakeable Through the truth in my soul Chorus: You know you just can't kill a man when he's dead You know the spirit survives (invincible) You can't stop the advance of the Kingdom to come You know the truth is alive (invincible) To be invincible Is unattainable Without sacrifice Feel, feel the birth inside The life that cannot die Are you invincible CHORUS Invincible-Invincible You know you can't kill a man when he¹s dead You know you can't CHORUS (repeat) You know you can't kill a man when he's dead

Album piesa versurile melodia versuri versuri Invincible muzica straina. Melodia melodia piesa asculta Skillet cuvinte cuvintele.

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