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Blaze of the night, flash of lightning falls into shadows deep inside me winds of winter, northern lights summons the evil, dark as night. Empyrean burns, angels fall daylights gone, new ones born bethel of heaven falls into decay evil ones rise will be the way. During the cold spells in winter I emerge with fall of darkness during the cold spells in winter I endorse the endless life. Damnation, blasphemy defrost our destinys extince of onesty fades away like mortality. He keeps the hands of god making them lost and praying for this one `cause I... I am immortal, mystical as isengard I am the curse possessor of flaming torch I am the throne observing and crucial...into infernal.

Catamenia versuri cuvintele cuvintele cantece Into Infernal. Album muzica straina cuvinte album album cuvinte cuvintele descarca versuri melodia.

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