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Versuri Insulted by germans (again)

Germans Love To Insult ME The country condescends we call it arrogance they call it making friends Scottish don't speak a language The British Love To GOB Japanese like to chase me down the streets of Nagoya Canadians talk shit ABOOT me Swede bands copy our sound Everything is Italy is stuck or broken down The Kiwis I cant remember Russians turned us away Australians are so fuckin cool i got no shit to say Brazilian cops extort us Russian officers deport us Icelanders feed us horse and whale Mexico gave the shits to us the French like Jerry Lewis The Greek beat up the opening punk band The Dutch are fuckin tall but Americans win the prize of stupidest of them all So lets all move to Australia, Sydney city of queers All we need to bring is American drugs and German beers

Versuri versuri ultima melodie cantece cantece NOFX asculta muzica straina piesa. cuvintele asculta muzica Insulted by germans (again).

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