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In summis montibus excubiae in ingentibus turribus eminebat. Repente nigra fuligo delapsa est super gentes. Cantores et tibicines tacuerunt... Silentium non verum absorbuit Bur-Caal Statim laniatum excubiarum clamoribus. Trans montem horrendus visus... Duces Baazgor et Orkian ducebant ingetem exercitum Qui iam non faciebat videre nec caelum nec terram Nemo potuti fugere Dracones Orkian in vicum ruerunt Et dum catapultae oppida diruebant Militum Robur in arcem irrumpit... inde sacrificium. [ON THE CREST OF THE MOUNTAINS] Along the crest of the mountains the alerts sentinels Stand out on the enormous towers. Suddenly a black soot comes down onto people Minstrels and players kept silent... An unreal silence swallowed Bur-Caal Soon broken by the sentinel's screams. Beyond the mountain there was a blood-curdling sight... The general Baazgor and Orkian leading a great army Which prevented to see neither the sky nor the land. None had time to escape Orkian's dragon pull dawn to the village And while the catapults were demolishing the fortifications The army entered the citadel... then the holocaust.

Melodiei cuvintele muzica straina cuvintele piesa cuvinte melodia versuri versurile. Nazgul versuri melodia cuvintele In Summis Montibus album.

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