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Show me where Someone like me can Make stand Cause I find you A little impossible Give me life the "highs" and "lows" Love, I'm trying to hold Weaker I get every day Lose control of the things that I say Tell me how can I get right Like a door without his bite Don't know which way way to go Don't know what I'm looking for Meditate all the time Hoping that I could find A ladder that I could climb To get this off my mind Until then I'll just be trapped In your arms I'm deeply wrapped Before I lose control I start to scream and scold Show me a land, where someone like me can make a stand Make any living When all that you can is tear down all you don't understand I find you're a little impossible I find you're a little impossible Impossible to me Impossible Impossible for me Yeah… Make stand… Time is restless You'd better check this Way of living is wreckless Jealousy kill the people with envy Lack of self-control that could be The answer that you're throwing on To a life style that ya showin' on So go on with your bad self Until you find your life from a shelf Checking your beeper Trying to keep her Most of the time can't even sleep Living large - she's in charge Mercedes Benz and Credit Cards Rolling big bucks your holding Rings you wear are often stolen Slow down, take a look at yourself Be thankful for your health

Muzica straina versurile versuri versuri muzica. Melodia melodia Captain Hollywood asculta cuvintele Impossible melodiei melodiei cuvinte cantece cantece.

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