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Well I don't have money to please you Never will be a movie-star All I've got for you is a lonely heart That's aching all the time Have no golden ring for your fingers Have no diamonds that you can wear All I've got for you is this love of mine That's burning all the time Chorus If I say the words: "I want you" (If I say the words "I want you") Will you smile or bring me down (bring down) Will you hold my hands or turn around x2 If you say the words: "I want you" I will never let you down Love is golden like the morning sun Say the words and I'll be yours tonight Love is more than gold on your fingers So much more than money can buy All I want from you is your lonely heart I'm asking you the same Chorus

If i say the words mp3 muzica straina album versuri melodia cantece muzica cuvinte. Versuri piesa melodiei BZN.

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