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Versuri I thank you

You are my first love And you were the first voice You have taught me, smiling, And given me the confidence To take my first step. You are my first memory You are the fairy from a fairy tale. [Backing vocals: My mummy, only you.] You, mummy, have watched Over my anxious sleep Haunted by dreams. I’m thanking you, mummy [Backing vocals: I’m thanking you, mummy] I’m thanking you with my life [Backing vocals: I’m thanking you with my life] And I’m giving you, mummy [Backing vocals: I’m giving you… my love.] Through this song, all my love. You are my first light You are my universe You have always been there Even in the bad times You have protected me against evil You are my angel And now I’d like to tell you: Mummy, thank you! Mummy, I love you!

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