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That's right..and I'm out ...and I'm out You know exactly what I wanna say right now Because I'm out, because I'm out You know exactly what am I supposed to do Because I'm wild, because I' out C'mon..Hey, don't spend too much time waiting for someone Cause you're out, cause you're out Time will pass by you and your anger will do nothing Cause you're out, you better listen to me Cause you're out.. You think you know the better way Is that what you think ? Cause you're out... Hey, go back to your mamma Cause you're out, cause you're out Hey, this is for the ?? in the club In the club... Hey, you better get started trippin' around Because you're in, because you're in Hey, stops to wonder what is all about Because you're out, because you're out Hey, in the club all the girls go crazy And you're out, and you're out Hey, you like to dream of doing something with those girls Because you dream, that's a dream Hey, this is for the ?? Cause you're out, cause you're out And I'm out...

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