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Refren: I wanna share my life with Because I do And I give everything to you Because I know everything about you Life is gorgeous just with you. I: Life goes on like a movie And we are the actors following a fate All this years I have waited That day we would be togheter Thank you for all the joy You brang into my life Once upon a time He was my guy just for a while I found a real love all this time But no one made me feel like you do. Refren:.. III: I gotta go where I belong I gotta learn everything from your heart I gotta go where I belong I wanna feel, tell me how I need to feel 'I really wanna know, hey, I need to know What;s right or what is wrong.' Refren:..

Dance melodia versurile versuri descarca. Melodia muzica I do versuri cuvintele cuvintele cuvinte melodiei muzica romaneasca Nicola cuvinte.

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