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[Chorus: Jill Scott] Can you speak your words of bedtime I was just saying to myself the other day Most of believing the magician But you're bewitching Because of this I must say I (I) I (oh I) I Appreciate what you give to me Yeah (I) I (oh I) I Appreciate what you give to me [Verse 1: Common] People say I got soul look at all the records I hold The lives I've affected, connect and control With me in your basement, your mama got blown I provide the vibe to keep the strippers on poles Through me the black experience is glorious told From a school that's old bold, so I rock gold And platinum, so cats I hold notes and cash for them On streets I rap for them, in ghettos I blast for them Mash with them, at the party and all Peep the universal language that's embodying all Put the Billie Holiday, Bob Marley in y'all Y'all feel most high when I be in y'all System, with the rhythm I up jump the boogie Shame I rely on record labels to push me Since the bush, I been y'all way to escape Through eight-tracks wax CDs and tapes I am music [Chorus] [Verse 2] You can feel me all over alive, I help culture survive, I opened the eyes of many Styles y'all wrote in the skies, with your lows and highs, open your mind to hear me In the streets I beat cops and obsolete On every station it's hot you can't stop my heat I taught J and Dre how to rock the beat On what's going on today yo, I gots to speak I take the stand, yo you could feel me bam Whether in Larry Graham or Steely Dan Live I be killing it man For how long I survived yo I'm realer than man Got a soft side but I'm still a man For me women cry and children dance, I'm trying to eat I could'a got a mil and ran But like Sly for the fam still I stand I am music [Chorus] [Verse 3] I been here since the beginning Beginning of time yo beginning of time Deep in the mind of the ancient ones Everybody love me like they do the sun I shine at times yo at times I'm dark You can't categorize me, my mind's a art Inside my heart, it ain't about climbing charts I'm the one you roll with when your ride is smart The change that came, the change that comes I change with chords and I kick it with drums Get blow with horns and did it on the one Riffed for guitars, for the Lord I sung Spun around the world at parties and weddings Wherever I go I create the setting You know me from lessons or your pops collections Whether whole or half stepping I'm a blessing Yo I am music [Chorus 2X]

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