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(oh, oh, oh, oh, oh) (Oh yeah) Every night that I'm away from you Is a moment that I can't get through Wish I knew just what to do Coz it doesn't feel right Sometimes when I close my eyes I can hold in my mind Will I ever really be satisfied? Wish I won't keep dreaming... I wanna tell you, where I've been going trough I wanna hold you, close to my heart And make you smile again, just like I did back then How could we be so far apart? Chorus I wish you were here To shed off my tears Wish I could close my eyes And make you appear Wish I snap my fingers That is the time when you where mine And I wish that hocus-pocus Could change your goodbye Girl I wish you could see this eyes Baby I apologize... Should've been there when you cried Can you forgive me? I know, I said these word in vain Right now, you can hear my pain? I wish that all the rain, fall down from the sky I've ve never told you, how much I love you I just let a moment passed me by I couldn't see, but you've made me believe it. Now that I know it I wish you could hear it Chorus x2 I just can't stop thinking about us If you can hear this Grant me this wishes (ooh,ooh) Listen me... Star light, star bright First star I see tonight Wish I may, wish I might Star light, star bright First star I see tonight Wish I may, wish I might Chorus x2 (oh, yeah, oh) (Ooh, oh)

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