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(Ratajczak/Lew/Graham) It's been a day since you've been gone It seems already like a whole year long And I've been waiting just to hear your call Are you near, are you coming before night time falls? I'm so anxious I await your return Just a call from you would ease my concern Minutes seem like hours, girl, when I'm alone I hope you're near, I hope it's you each time I pick up the phone Chorus: I Need Your E.T.A Doesn't matter if it's night or day Just promise me you won't be long I'm waiting here, I'm all alone Tell me what time you're coming home I've tried everything to keep me calm But what I want is to be in your arms You're so tender girl, you're never cruel And you'd never, never, ever treat me like a fool Chorus When will you give me your time of arrival I can't go on like this anymore I know you still want me Yes I'm sure I know you still love me And I know you're coming home to me I know that's where you wanna be Chorus

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