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Versuri I Just Wanna Die

soft talking: What can we do with all this Fucking pain Somebody stop the pain Singing: I finally look to paint a picture of my whole life And for me to end it would be so nice Somebody driving on this back street So I could leave my shit all on the back seat Cause I don抰 love my life no more So I don抰 wanna fight no more I felt this way before but it died out So I shot my fucking eye out Nobody understands me HELP But I don抰 understand my SELF I always find myself bein trapped And my drugs that I take so I抦 at That point in my motherfuckin life Where I don抰 wanna live a fuckin lie I just wanna die Chorus: I just wanna die Die I just wanna die Die Let抯 go on a journey Boldly go where no man has gone before Verse 2: Buckle up and lets take a ride I want you to watch me commit suicide We抮e headed for a place in a dark land In desperate search of that dark man But don抰 you move keep it right there I wanna bring you smooth into my nightmare Don抰 be afraid of watching life bleed Explore my every thought, come out and sightsee There抯 no man alive, that can promise breath But once we arrive, I can promise death And now were headed for the crossroads Gettin deeper in the lost coves And once we arrive Close your motherfuckin eyes Cause I抦 about to die Skit: Will wake up æÂÂ¥hat, what, what, what man?Damn you ain抰 been listenin man? This shit is real, man, I don抰 give a fuck will, you payin attention æÂâust drive nigga, damn?you listenin, will its goin down, right fuckin now I put the pistol to my temple See the bullet in the chamber Cocked it back and out of anger I pulled the crack, see the shells jump out the side Now I抦 fallin back, I抦 seein faces but they抮e all in black I抦 hearin sounds but I cant hear I抦 seein pictures in my head but they ain抰 clear My every picture flashed at full speed And now I抦 feelin like I抦 loosin my grips on all reality But my reality抯 a battle G And I was tired of havin talks with myself about mentality End it all I stand tall apparently I wasn抰 patient enough to hear the man call So now I leave myself to strive or die, but I抳e lost all my hopes inside, And I just wanna die Yo will wake the fuck up, æÂÂ¥hat, what, what, Man, Damn?Man I抦 talkin about killin myself man æÂÂ¥anna kill yourself??That抯 right I don抰 give a fuck æÂâight?What you think I抦 playin ArgumentåŽâgunshotåŽâ.car crash

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