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Yeah, yeah, uh yeah I feel it Six, six, six hundred Six hundred What? What? I can't believe What you think of me You done me wrong But I moved on But worst of all You tried to see me fall But take a look girl I'm still standing tall Someone said Only the strong survive If that ain't me Then you's a lie Cause there ain't no No mountain I can't climb Yo I guess it's Time to get mine 1 - Six hundred (I'mma cop that) Hot verse (I'mma drop that) Ten carats (I'mma rock that) Hit records (You can't stop that) Repeat 1 First of all Let me set the record straight I finally seen I seen that you was fake Always runnin' round Talking 'bout keep it real But girl you doubted If I could sell a mill So go ahead Do what you gotta do I gotta laugh Cause see the joke's on you You know I asked my man Stevie was I gon' blow He says yo D you already know Repeat 1 (4x) Don't you dare try and test my pride Ain't no mountain I can't climb I told you time and time before This is what y'all have been waiting for I see that you try to steal my style But y'all know there's only one Dalv It's killing me but it's good to me That y'all fools ain't touchin' me Repeat 1 (2x) I got it baby Can't you see, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh Black style y'all, 2000 Repeat 1 till end

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