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intro-sheek talkin yo i mean u been there for me u know wut i'm sayin & i won't, u know, i won't do u wrong ever again nah mean, & u just, u been there & ima be there for u from now on u nah mean i ain't gonna neglect u i ain't gonna do none of that shit u got my full undivided attention & nah sayin i ain't afraid to say it i love you i love her, i love her, fuck it i love her (sayin) uh huh let's go (how i love you) i ain't afraid to say it - i'm a thug more than that i'ma man u nah mean i'm in love u my bitch (how i love you) let's go verse 1 i used to dream about you watchin every move u made i was young tho i think 3rd or 2nd grade i'd go home, write a poem, put it right to a beat what i would do what i would say if we would one day meet started gettin older, still lovin your style how u dressed how u drove the whole 80s wild i was proud when u 1st got on mtv u was in the video chillen wit run dmc that's my girl saw a nigga feinin ta hit it knowin one day in the future i'll be right up in it started doin talent shows i had it off the hook u was there but u was too big u wouldn't even look i ain't mad u ain't notice til i got wit a group but even den it wasn't nothin less i got in a coup started goin crazy everyday u switch up on me puttin that right in my face u knowin me so horny come on chorus (how i love you) u all i got u all i want u all i need (how i love you) from day one to my death bed u all i breathe (how i love you) i'm disciplined, i'm dedicated & determined too (how i love you) u got ur ups & downs but i don't really mind i'll still ride witchu verse 2 ok listen the group doin good, still in the hood got a nickname sheek now u startin to speak said u wanna fuck wit all 3 if that's ok i'm like cool once i hit it it was that anyway a couple years gone past, still havin a ball a million times got the pictures hangin on my wall when i 1st hit it i was like sheek the man i stopped givin u the attention i originally planned den u stopped fuckin wit me & left me alone the people only seen u wit jada & p u even went around town & started doggin me bad it was my fault u kno i couldn't even get mad i had to grab the pen & pad & get right back write some more poems to ya ass & get back on track i ain't got no problem tellin u i love u to death & i'm whipped & my shit'll be blown if u skipped let's go chorus verse 3 yo i had to hit the streets they said u be out there a lot & i could find u around any nigga out that's hot every club, every whip & every gamblin spot u kno u'd rather be wit me u like to bug out love to bring the thug out plus i be keepin it tight we even go to work together let u play all night u mad loud while i sit & i write we done seen the world together but not on cable all your friends lovin me u even got me a label got magazines lovin our relations people like to hear us talk djs record our conversations u good round other people especially kids u make them happy even brothers doin their bids & i ain't jealous at all go out & spread your wings & u can hang wit pop jus pick up the phone when it rings let's go i ain't gon lie to yall i'm whipped chorus (how i love you how i love you how i cry how i love you how i love you)

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