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you know i'm hotblooded, baby... get on up and kick it all the systems are ready to go. well, are you ready or not? hey, i gotta know! baby, lay down the blues and let those guitars bleed. i'm everything you wanted, i'm all you ever need. cos i'm hotblooded, hotblooded, i need your lovin', i need your love so bad. flash all the lights, i'll be a camera tonight. i'll snap the look on your face when i'm squeezing you tight. yea, sisters o' soul, we gotta burn this old house down. keep on beatin' those drums, keep on pumpin' up that sound, yea yea yea yea yea. hotblooded, i'm hotblooded, i need your lovin', i need your love so bad. i'm hotblooded, hotblooded, you gotta know it, i need a shot of love so bad. i stay up late where the night's alive. no sleep at all i work nine to five. it's honey do that and honey do this: can i call you home? can i call you home? can i call? - you can call me miss...

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