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The angels bow down at the thought of you The darkness gives way to the light of you The price that you paid gives us life brand new Hosanna forever we worship you Hosanna forever we worship you For you are joy that my soul long for The lamb that was slain for my sins And the one i adore king of king ruler of everything thing hosanna forever we worship you hosanna forever we worship you for you patience and kindness and favor and mercy and honor and glory because you are worthy we can't live without you we can't sing without you we can't breathe without you hosanna hosanna no greater love in this world but you no one can compare to the things you do wherever you go i will follow you hosana forever we worship you hosanna foever we worship you someday every tongue shall confess your name this house made of clay soon shall pass away what every the test you would bring us through hosanna forever we worship you hosanna forever we worship you hosanna forever hosanna forever and ever and ever hosanna we praise you hosanna foverver and ever and ever

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