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Well it's 10 pm and all the ladies are looking fine I'd rather trade off my old steel guitar just to taste her sweet red wine. Cause I'm a rusty boy with a nasty toy that would be my heart, Just a few shots of that Yukon Jack You might be my sweet push start. CHORUS It's just another hopeful night for a hopeless guy. It's just another hopeful night for a hopeless guy. Well I stepped out on that dance floor I smelled honey in the air When I spotted that queen of diamonds with her ultraviolet stare I said hey easy come easy go it's my latest groove, but it don't make things much easier when some are born to lose. CHORUS Well I sat down at my buddy's table and I bought another round They say it's better off to go and loosen up before you run and get shut down. So I made my move across that room to my sweet little sugar pie I winked and I asked her for a dance She said I could make you fly. She said my boyfriend's here and it really would be nice, but he doesn't want me dancing with you hopeless guys. CHORUS Well I grabbed her hand and I kissed her cheek Man I sure did fly, but it was out across that dance floor with her boyfriend and two black eyes. It was an easy come but a tougher go but I guess that's nothing new as that sexy waitress iced my head someone tell me this is true. I'm getting really sick and tired of this hopeless fight, I'm just another hopeless guy on a lucky night.

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