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FOREVER HONEY, HONEY Str.1: Romantic, reasons, fashion, charm You gonna hold me in your arms, Before you give me what you've got You need to know my secret heart. Refren: Honey, Honey Outside it`s hot and sunny Show me everything you can, Your money money Honey, Honey You're so funny Let`s get hot and tanny tanny. Str.2: Little physical attraction Show me how is your reaction Take it slow, please take your time You have to treat a woman fine. Bridge: I made you fall in love with me, I don`t want you, can't you see... More and more, day by day Go away! Can't you see I'm hot, I deserve a lot, If you let me go, I'm still strong, I won`t give up! Refren 2X. Versuri: Adïna Butar

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