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[Witchdoctor] Million dollas for a hit man Hit man, hit man Gotta represent, noise, noise, noise [Cool Breeze] What if your re-up was in this bag? In your car, and we popped the steering wheel And left it up by Six Flags (hit man) My whole family full of ?Hetland? hustlas Now tell your momma ya'll ready to move again Cuz we ain't nothin' but trouble My auntie say that I don't pay attention And call the law when she drink And think that that's gon' make me listen Man, I got cousins from the Dirty South Who'll walk up to this police car Open the door and let me out (hit man) Me and my family got the most game Just to get close to me, brothers come around And repeat my slang I run this town just like Michael Jordan Everytime I say wassup My whole click say JUST EAST POINT! Brothers come around, givin' us pounds Cuz our family own land in this town Man, you could be Black with a acc. Who got a boat full of smack And you wouldn't sell a sack [C.B., Backbone] (Witchdoctor) 1 - We ain't nothin' but some (hit men) 50 thousand for a (hit man) Tell the DJ, spin a (hit man) East Points greatest (hit man) All the ladies need a (hit man) Dungeon Family, we da (hit men) We drop nothin' but them (hit men) Get down with a (hit man) [Witchdoctor] Cool Breeze we right here with you, and we gon' blast with you Uhh, I was born doin' this hot season Sellin' authentic bloodline, sent to earth to bust rhymes Similar to a machine gun See I fiend and seek funds Be chiefin' like it's the last one (hit man) Blast one car jacker to smitherines If he pull the gat on you first Give him everything but your dreams Atlanta bound, homebase, 2 over We give chase back to the beats Passin' by the police in the streets Georgia on my mind All the peaches to nibble on Back on the grind when all your figures gone Check this out, run with the gat, ya put the clip in it Ah ah, then you check money for the slip in it The world is on fire, sin is murder for hire Whatever evil shit you desire Easy a chameleon, forever changin' Over colors, no more bangin' You wanna keep dead bodies from danglin' on the hit man Three brothers like Backbone... We aint nothing but some (hit man) Hundred thousand for a (hit man) Tell the DJ play a (hit man) East Point's Greatest (hit man) All the ladies need a (hit man) Dungeon Family the (hit man) 30 million for a (hit man) It don't stop cause (hit man) [Big Boi] SWATS GA [Backbone] Through the back door It's front street shorty With mister Freddie Calhoun the hustla Bringin' pain to these suckers Off the top of the dock, wet you up like fluid Slick, slow down, cuz we do really get to it 'round here Down here it get hot, see I'm born and bred 'Til I'm dead, gon' be swat, like it or not It's on 24, like the clock, tick tock Convertible tops, Cavarsier on the rocks Potna, this chrome get the attention Don't ask me no questions You drop your books, you lose your lessons Son, this Dungeon Family You understandin' me? Act like you seen this We on the greenest, I mean this Whatever you feel gone, let it off We amped up and ready to set it off Sound off, sound off, sound off [Witchdoctor] Come on now you see 'em bangin (hit man) All day everyday we got them (hit man) Understand? Ricky Ray got them (hit man) Huh? Ricky Ray got them (hit man) Sleepy Brown got them (hit man) Huh? We aint nothing but some (hit man) Goodie Mob got them (hit man) The OUT got them (hit man) Outkasts got them (hit man) Cool Breeze, Witchdoctor, Lil Will (hit man) Come on come on come on come on come on (hit man) Infinity (hit man)

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