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Versuri Hey Emily

Any two other poeple just like me and you never seem to go through half the trouble that we do It's the end, over and over again when did you first begin to be so disappointed in everything? Could you have always been this way? Dead to the world, as some would say, and in such perfect disarray? Hey, Emily there came a time to speak your mind you said: goodbye Emily, you say goodbye but you're still here with me No one knows what we're wanding toward and I suppose ignorance is its own reward but such a lot gets ignored you've no idea of what I'd do, bullets that I would take for you, and what I'd let you put me through Hey, Emily you see the questions that arise you close your eyes Emily, you close your eyes but you're still here with me, and I always wonder, where do you pretend to be? Hey, Emily if you get called to testify you'll say goodbye Emily, you say goodbye but you're still here with me.

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