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Versuri Hey Dude

All I have is all I need enough for love but not for greed yeah I was younger once this guy came to me Told me about all the honey out there He saie Honey gold jewels money women wine cars that shine I dont know what he was talking about But I think I had an idea He said Smell the rose, sweet sweet rose, catch the sun find where it grows, Smell the rose, the sweet sweet rose that grows on castle walls in heaven In heaven yeah Well if it feels like summer you're catching the sun, and i'm catching the moment you fall If it tastes like honey dont swallow it all dont wait for the moment to come - and catch the sun Hey dude, don't lean on me man Cause I'm losing my direction and I cant understand no no Hey dude, well I do what I can But you treat me like a woman when I feel like a man I was crossing the city one day everybody was flashing by me Like images of tombstones, images of tombstones On a Friday night I've seen everybody looking for their little bit of honey To alleviate the pain to alleviate the pain Well if it feels like summer don't burn in the sun don't wait for the evening fall If it tastes like honey dont swallow it all don;t wait for the moment to come - and catch the sun No, no n no, no n no, etc. when I feel like a man! Hey dude etc. melodia versuri Hey Dude versuri mp3 Kula Shaker melodia melodia muzica straina. Piesa piesa piesa cuvintele

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