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Versuri Here Comes Trouble!

I'm through with you and I've had it too Cuz you pushed me way to far This time, you're gonnna play my game So watch out baby cuz Here comes trouble tonight T*R*O*U*B*L*E That's what you get from me Cuz now, I'm gonna make you wish You'd never messed with me So watch out baby cuz Here comes trouble tonight Cuz I'm talking to you-yeah to you This time i'm picking on you-yeah on you It's the last time, last chance, last warning too So back off, or i'm gonna blow a fuse I won't wallow up and shy away Cuz that's really not my style You may think you've got one up on me But you're just in denial So watch out-there's nothing left to say Watch out-Get out of my way Watch out-cuz here comes trouble tonight piesa Here Comes Trouble! Versuri muzica straina muzica piesa The Eyeliners versuri asculta descarca descarca.

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