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Hellrazor Major Hell Mutha-Fuckin' Yeah This one goes out to my nigga Mike Coolage Hell Yeah (Verse 1) Born thuggin', heartless and mean muggin' at 16 On the scene watching fiends buggin' Kicking up dust with the older G's Soaking up the game that was told to me I ain't never touched a gat that I couldn't shoot I learned not to trust a bitch from a prostitute Was taught lessons...a young nigga asking questions While other suckas was guessing, I was gangsta sexing Elementary wasn't meant for me...can't regret it I'm headed for the penitentiary I'm cut classes, I'm fuckin blastin', straight mashin'... Mobbing through the overpass laughing While these other motherfuckers try to figure out No doubt...they jealous of a nigga's clout Tell me Lord can ya feel me... I keep my finger on the trigger, cause some niggas tried to kill me And mama raised a hellraiser Everyday getting paid, police on my pager...straight stressing A fugitive my occupation is under question wanted for investigation....and even though I'm marked for death I'ma spark 'til I lose my breath...motherfuckers Every time I see the paper, I see my picture When a nigga gettin' richer they come to get ya It's like a motherfuckin' trap And they wonder why it's hard being black Dear Lord can ya feel me....gettin' major...ugh Mama raised a hellraiser Hook: Stress gettin' major Lord be my Savior Mama raised a hellrazor (Verse 2) Tell me Lord can ya feel me, show a sign Damn near running outta time...everybody's dying Mama raised a hellraiser...I can't figure Why ya let the police beat down niggas I'm startin' to think all the rich in the world is safe While the po' babies rushing into early graves God probably saved the youth Ain't nothing else to do but have faith in you Dear Lord, I live the life of a thug, hope you understand Forgive me for my mistakes, I gotta play my hand And my hand's on a 16 shot...semi-automatic Crooked cop killin' glock... Tell me Lord can ya feel me, show a way I'm praying, but my enemies won't go away And everywhere I turn, I see niggas burn And every nigga that I know is on death row My younger homie's 17 and he paid a price Li'l young motherfucker doing triple life Though I tell him in his letters, its getting better If my nigga knew the truth, he'd hit the roof Just heard ya baby's mama...was smoked out Fuck the drama...wanna break my loc out Smoking blunts getting drunk off that Tanqueray gin 'Bout to break my nigga out the fuckin'...pen Mama raised a hellraiser...Come on...ugh Mama raised a hellraiser Dear Lord can ya feel me Hook: (Verse 3) Dear Lord can ya hear me...It's just me A young nigga tryin' to make it on these rough streets I'm on my knees, beggin' please, come and save me The whole world done made a nigga craazy I got my .357...can't control it Screaming die motherfucker and he's...loaded Everybody run for cover...Aww shit Thug life motherfucker! Duck quick Now am I wrong, if I am don't worry me It's Do or Die getting high 'til they bury me Dear Lord if ya hear me, tell me why A lil girl like Latasha...had to die She never got to see the bullet...just heard the shot Her little body couldn't take it...she shook and dropped When it's all on the news how she bucked the kill Latasha Now screaming Fuck The World... In the end it's my friends...that flip flop Lips locked on my dick when my shit drop Thug life motherfucker! I lick shots Every nigga on my block...drop 2 cops Dear Lord can ya hear me...when I die Let a nigga be strapped, fucked up, and high With my hands on the trigger...thug nigga Stressing like a motherfucking drug dealer And even in the darkest nights,I'ma thug fo' life I got the heart to Mama raised a hellraiser...why cry That's just life in the ghetto...Do or Die (Exhales)

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