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You were hell of dumb for leaving. I was hell of dumb for believing you were hell of coming back to me again. Now I'm hell of sad without you near. I've hell of had it up to here with how things are now as compared with then. Hell of dumb, cause you haunt me, hell of dumb, cause you don't want me, you just want me to get lost it's plain to see, and I'm hell of dumb for staying now I'm hell of dumb for saying how much I hell of love you when you hell of don't love me. I still don't know why I cried for you so much. Hell of dumb cause I did it hell of dumb cause I admitted how much I hell of love you when you hell of hate my guts. And I hate the way I cave in and I hate how I'm behaving. I hate the foolish thing I have become. I feel hell of dumb for seeming hell of dumb, and for screaming hell of dumb, hell of dumb, hell of dumb.

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