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[Killa Sin] Ski masked, the First National for a half a mill' It's real, fuck rational Your armored truck stuck like dustheads for my collateral Certified criminal, gun smugglin villain who be fillin clips Fuller than cum swellin your genitals [La the Darkman] Specialist, cat burgular, stockin cap murder Uzi clip inserterer, you got cheese, I heard of ya You dirty rat, manuevered through traps and torched doors Plastic explosives, bags of C-4 [Killa Sin] Yo, flash a cannon, deliver these clowns an understandin that Cash Rules, don't nuttin move kid, five-hundred grand an' The raw son, makin assault when armor wait till the gold lock Fuck the wreck, fumbled up the wrong time [La the Darkman] Yo, I clip the phone lines, cut the alarm, the pipe bomb Detonation, seven minutes the first task, we in it Lace the tear gas, put on your mask, load the bags Check the roof for the jake, I'ma climb the gate last [Killa Sin] Scan the internet, copy the floppy shut the drive off 'cinerate the whole data bank before we slide off Time check: twenty-four hundred and still wastin The minutes keep racin, let's blow this foundation [La the Darkman] Keep patient, I got the whole Dole administration on CD-ROM, smugglin firearms And the date to attempt assassinate Farrakhan From his Middle East trips and buildin wit Sadaam Yo hold the laptop Chorus: Killa Sin and La the Darkman (repeat 2X) Yo it's the Heist of the Century kid we execute right We goin down in history, get the loot and live life how it's meant to be A stolen legacy, live Egyptian mystery [Killa Sin] (Word up) We on the way out (stolen Legacy), the future laid out Our brain scramblin, Arnez break a cold sweat but never panickin Shooken up, two officers lookin up, we spot em Pull the heat out, and have both they asses red-dotted [La the Darkman] Don't move, we got the bank money not yours Think of your kids and calmly lay on the floor Put your hands high, dunn get they guns Then break em, slap one wit the barrel Make em bleed then tape em [Killa Sin] It's like a minute and ten left, we playin wit death And I can hear the bomb tick Sweat drip on the back my palm grip Final mission, completed all bank funds depleted Hit the turnpike, bounce to the stash, let's split it even [La the Darkman] Yo, the blueprint went excellent, wisdom gods seconds for the dynamite On the next flight before daylight Exit through the back entrance, jump the fence Then slide in the Rover wit the triple black tints We hit the government Word up Dunn, we hit the government, knahmsayin?

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