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1- Heaven only knows (heaven only knows) Heaven only knows Heaven only knows (heaven only knows) Heaven only knows My story Verse 1 Went from dancing on tabletops to making labels pop For the love of the money so I could cock everything from icy rings to drop tops and now I'm on top But to look back on my reality happy I stopped Letting niggas ruin my world impressed by niggas trying to school this baby girl I was fucking too early 15 knowing money was green Puffing too early, body big, not grown knowledged up and too early Thought it was cute to flirt with older kats up in they face Didn't have a daddy so I put a daddy in his face My mami was my shelter but I broke free Learning that the streets was harder that I thought they'd be Wanting to be grown, rebeling Ain't no telling what I'd be pussy selling (huh) never would I Instead I wore a g-string Thought never could I Thought I had to, to be grown beginning of my life Repeat 1 Yo, close myself down Held myself in Explode by myself alone no one helping What am I to do but cry alone at night No one in the house nude tv is my life Who was I to tell and what would they think of me No one understood the pain that was sent to me Broke down from the things men would say to me Selling drinks to a nieve kid I blame me But I never really had someone tell me what to do Teach me that I'm better than just pussy that's true Teach me that the future was written already waiting to respect my self in life not to be someone would hate me Do positive and positive will happen Stay positive and positive was rapping It was like my brain was clouded with unnecessary shit But I chose to see through the negative and make hits uh Repeat 1 Uh, uh, yo, yo Now I'm 20 years old and look where I'm at I thank the Lord every night and pray there's no turning back I wanna keep my family happy and that's that Seen teens in my mother's eyes from platinum plaques See things I've done I don't regret I just learn >From mistakes in the past knowing now I had to earn respect and earn trust Some about school was never givin The way you find out what life's about is simply living to be strong Stay strong let nobody crush you your body is your temple young girls Don't let him touch you He'll respect anything you say if he really loves you Don't settle for second let him put no one above you I did a lot of things in my life I take back gotta take from the good and the bad collect that Cause it help the bill who you see now respect that Young, black, and strong keep me in ya Take that Repeat 1

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