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Versuri Heatseeker Boy

(Mike on Lead) moonlight nothing could slow you down. A man keeps what I think you'd enjoy. And when I turn the dial, you there and you stood around. You sound so good, Heatseeker Boy. (All) Boy, boy, boy, boy. (Mike) You sang like someone hurt you, you played with guns alot. I had a hunch you were the real McCoy (All) The real McCoy, the real McCoy. (Mike) Agents like your gonna get this all major formats Heatseeker Boy. (All) Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy. (Mike) Heatseeker Boy. (Mike) If you want my opinion, guys like you should wear a crown. Do what you want and do it now. this week? When will you reach your peak, Heatseeker Boy? (accordion solo) The girls all loved your eyebrows, guys loved how the bullets flew. You had more charms than Helen of Troy. Now when I ride the subway, everyone's singin' you. (All) Seems you're always in the background, your the muzak at the dog pound. (Mike) You should get around, Heatseeker Boy! (All) Boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy, boy. (Mike) Heatseeker Boy!

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