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Versuri Heartbeat

Spoken: before I met you my life was so different it was like my emotions were asleep well, you've awakened them and now I'm in love with you and everytime I see you my heart skips a beat 1 once I was so alone, my heat had no fire baby I was working but I was so uninspired wasn't looking for love, wasn't looking for romance but somehow love, it found me and then my heart began to dance, dance, dance 2 baby ooh baby ooh (come closer) baby you baby you make my heart beat baby ooh baby ooh (come closer) baby you baby you make my heart beat 3 the closer I get to you, my lips are smilin the beat goes twice the tempo temperatures risin now I'm thinkin bout love, thinkin bout your body whenever you're around me you make my heart begin to dance, dance, dance repeat 2 4 funny how love can change even the simplest things baby when you touch me (oh) baby when you kiss me (oh) oh, there's something bout your lovin boy that makes my, makes my heart wanna dance dance dance spoken: yeah you've got the power baby I love what you're doing to me baby will you dance with me baby? repeat 2 with adlibs until fade

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